MetLite™ by Cleveland Diabetes Care

Metformin is the most-prescribed medication for the treatment of diabetes, but over a third of patients report unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects from the drug and have difficulty swallowing the cumbersome pills.

Many patients end up discontinuing their metformin prescriptions.

MetLite™ by Cleveland Diabetes Care is a pleasant-tasting, effervescent formulation of metformin that dissolves in water. Made with potassium (instead of sodium commonly found in other metformin drugs), MetLite™ has been found to cause significantly less gastrointestinal side effects in patients while delivering the same therapeutic results.

Easy to take. No unpleasant taste. Improved patient compliance.

Key project advantages

  • Rapid path to market 505b(2) – 2019 approval projected;
  • Anticipated market exclusivity through 2034;
  • Technology already produced by EffRx;
  • Clinical partners available 2019;
  • Patented, sodium-free, potassium-based formulation;
  • Optimal taste-masking formulation.